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“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago,

the second best time is now.”






Chinese proverb, applicable to wealth creation and property investment.

Phoenix Mortgage Consultants Provides Experience, Expertise, Knowledge, Qualifications & the Best Outcome

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Why use a Mortgage Broker?

For over 30 years we have been helping everyday Australians make informed choices so they can improve their financial situation.

In that time we have never ever seen a bank give the same advice to a client with respect to an investment loan or a finance strategy or structure that our team of experts give the same client using the same bank: Why? Because we recommended what is best for you and the bank recommends what is best for the bank and the two options are never the same.


Why use Phoenix Mortgage Consultants?

Experience, Expertise, Knowledge, Qualifications, Best Outcome

We take a holistic approach to mortgages and lending. We want to know that what we are recommending is consistent with your overall financial circumstances, goals, needs, and wants.

In many instances other financial matters can have a significant impact on which mortgage or what loan structure or which lender is best for you. Consider things like tax, consolidation of other debts, employment type, future goals and needs, family commitments, and age. Our team can give you advice on tax, investments, wealth creation, retirement, finance, and mortgages, to ensure that you get the best financial outcome to meet your specific financial circumstances.


What will it cost me?

We make two promises to all of our clients

  • It will cost you no more to have our team of financial experts assist you to get the best financial outcome to meet your specific financial circumstances than if you were to do the same thing yourself.

  • There is no cost or obligation to you to get all the answers you need to be sure that what we are recommending is the best possible outcome for your personal financial situation.
Why choose Phoenix Mortgage Consultants ?


Over 35 years experience dealing with property purchases, mortgages, refinance, and wealth creation.


We answer our phones and emails! Based in Queensland and servicing all of Australia via Zoom.  

Panel of Lenders

Over 28 different lenders to choose from. Each with specific benefits to your circumstances.  

What Our Clients Say?

The entire team at Phoenix were friendly, helpful, and explained the entire process to us before we started. They were there to help us at each stage of the process from selecting a property, choosing the correct loan, getting all the paperwork together, finding a tenant, and settling on the property.
Sunshine Coast QLD
They made it hassle free, and that's why we are now looking forward to our next purchase with Phoenix Property Consultants and continuing to build our property portfolio.
Valdora QLD
Phoenix Mortgage Consultants went through our finances with a fine tooth comb and their mortgage broker was great. We were signed for our home loan in a matter of weeks. We found a family home that suited us to a T and cant thank the team at Phoenix enough.
Sandi & Danny
Bells Bridge Qld

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